Why build a career with Prospect Schools?

Learning never stops.

Students aren’t the only ones learning at Prospect Schools. We push ourselves to continuously improve our craft and get better at what we do, inside and outside of the classroom. Our system of dedicated professional development sessions, substantial resource sharing, classroom observations, regular 1:1 meetings, professional reviews, and parent/student surveys all combine to make sure the learning never stops.

Your curiosity counts.

We encourage team members to bring new strategies and tactics to the table because many minds are always better than one. We’re tackling some of the toughest challenges in public school education, and empowering our team to be creative problem solvers is essential to our continued success. At Prospect Schools, diversity is more than demographics — its a diversity of ideas, too.

Dedicated to DEI.

We’re dedicated to diversity, equity & inclusion. Building a truly inclusive community for educating children is our most important goal, our hardest challenge, and the driving force behind everything we do. We have been champions of diversity from the outset, and attribute 100% of our success to having a team of educators, leaders, and staff who come from all walks of life and benefit from that difference.

What We Look For


We are all united by one purpose: to create the best educational environment for our students.


We are tenacious in building positive working relationships with colleagues and we work hard to celebrate the work of others.


We value diversity in thinking and solicit input from peers and stakeholders when making decisions that impact others.

Continuous Improvement

We are lifelong learners and are empowered by a feedback cycle — up, down, and sideways.

Meet Our Team

of faculty have advanced degrees
of educators have 5+ years of classroom experience
of employees identify as persons of color
of employees speak a language other than english

Kelly Vaughan

Science Teacher, Math Dept. Head

Clinton Hill Middle School


Where are you from?

Lenox, MA

What drew you to Prospect Schools?

I met the Leadership Team after interviewing and felt that I’d be working with a really smart, creative, committed group of educators, at a school with a mission that included both academic rigor and diversity.

Why do you love it?

As I’d hoped, Prospect Schools has an amazing team. Everyone here works hard, engages with world events and issues, and is highly committed to our mission. That makes even the more challenging days worthwhile.

Favorite thing about your day:

The best days for me are ones where I get to try out an innovative lesson – or observe a teacher on my team doing the same – and see the students respond.

Fun fact about yourself:

I am mom to a smart, beautiful toddler

Wendell Cheung

Head of Instruction

Brooklyn Prospect High School


Where are you from?

I was originally born in Hong Kong, but raised on Long Island, NY. Currently living in Brooklyn.

What drew you to Prospect Schools?

We are a small school community that has a commitment to its teaching faculty and a diverse student/family community. Both its extremely collaborative environment amongst teachers, students, and families and its focus on strong academics drew me to the school.

Why do you love it?

Prospect Schools really values teachers and allows us to truly focus on teaching and learning. All faculty and staff work hard to ensure that they are supporting students. I’m able to work on preparing strong algebra lessons for my students and coaching our math/science team to do their best and grow as an educator. And also, the student body is amazing!

Favorite thing about my day?

My favorite part of my day is teaching my algebra classes and pushing students to work hard and love math.

Fun fact about yourself:

I love traveling – I’ve been to 35 countries and counting!